Alya, outdoor lighting

Neri, 2012

Alya is a reinterpretation of the classic lantern in a contemporary version. The system, designed for Neri’s 50th anniversary (1962-2012), is equipped with cutting-edge LED technology. The base, common to all the posts, takes up and stylizes a characteristic of the Neri street lamps, to which matter has been “subtracted” and an original LED lighting solution has been added that designs and furnishes the surrounding space. The comfort-free light quality, non-glaring and warm in color, makes the system particularly suitable for illuminating places “where people walk”, such as squares, walkways, pedestrian areas, parks and gardens. Alya also features a Wi-Fi data access system and an integrated IP camera. Up to two luminaires per light point can be installed on the system.

ADI Design Index, 2013