Cristina Rubinetterie Brera, showroom

Cristina Rubinetterie, 2017

Project: complete renovation of the spaces, interior design, display set-up and graphics.

An open, transparent and welcoming space that interprets the attitude of the company. The colors, the materials, the lights and the sequence of spaces have been designed for the comfort of the guests and to enhance the characteristics of the exhibition – without limiting its transformation over time. The ground floor is dominated by neutral colors and the presence of natural wood. At the center of the space, as in a game of screens, oak strips alternate with led backlit strips to give life to a sort of “room in the room”. Through an iron staircase, you can descend to the basement, designed as a laboratory space. Here some pieces of “mobile” furniture and a large screen allow you to give more flexibility to this space, creating a perfect location to host workshops and presentations.

ADI Design Index, 2020