Desk, Desk set

MH Way, 1988

Objects with a design strong identity, from pencil holders, to ashtrays, to Scotch holders that recall natural shapes and shapes with an abstract and minimal line. Thanks to their sculptural strength, the individual objects become symbols of great energy and spirit, which are strengthened in the powerful tension of the whole. Desk is one of the MH Way product lines that clearly embodies the research approach and brand vision that offers everyday objects interpreted through a new and unprecedented balance between function and expressiveness. The desk becomes the ground on which unique “architectures” stand out. Makio Hasuike defines these accessories as “not drawn” objects. The designer acts with minimal intervention on the form, giving these objects the character of “objet trouv√©”. Each piece has its own unique identity, unlike the classic desk set which offers the same shape declined in different proportions. The desk objects, made of cast aluminum, are thus charged with a recognizable and unique value.